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We'd love to hear from you about your thoughts to the piece. As this is our first step of the project, please support us via crowdfunding to keep developing the project and make this forgotten history heard and remembered.

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Creative Team


Anya Ostrovskaia was born in Moscow in a family of Ukrainian Jews, due to her identity and positionality, Anya’s focus has always been on political art, exploring the history of the USSR, and current Russian War crimes. She relocated to London due to the suffocating political climates in her country and found herself passionate about presenting narratives of freedom and justice to play her part in calling for solidarity and effecting change. She is currently studying MFA Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. With a combined skill set in producing, directing, scriptwriting and filmmaking, she is interested in creating truthful and multidisciplinary work. 

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Producer: AMY SZE

Scenographer: JOCK MAITLAND

Sound designer: JACK CLEARWATER

Lighting designer: MAX JUAN-BALCH

Stage manager: MIHA GRIGOREAN

Movement director: MARIANA CAMILOTI

Illustrator: OLGA YURASOVA


Support our crowdfunding

We are aiming to raise £1,000 to support our cast and creative members in devoting their time into this project, and launch our next steps to carry out more research and bring the piece to new art venues.

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