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by Jacob Wu


Be Right Back is a series of workshop performances about migration and diaspora from Hong Kong. Through interactive storytelling and crafts-making in multi-sensory settings, the space is opened up for all participants to share their more-than-ordinary stories of home and migration, and find a new means of expression through crafts-making and crafting a community.


Come and build a neighbourhood with us.

A small group of participants would hear from the performer’s own experience and struggles of migration through puppetry and playful storytelling, then through the act of model-making to be comfortable in sharing their stories and build a community of paper houses for the newly arrived. We endeavour to bring the performance to different corners of the UK and Europe to collect and celebrate more-than-ordinary stories of bravery and resilience.


In development, see you very soon...

Lead artist/performer | Jacob Wu

Storyteller/deviser | Boing Yuen

Dramaturg | Pat To Yan

Sound design | Wai-yi Wong

Presented by Amy Sze Productions

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Thank you! We hope to bring Be Right Back to a space near you very soon.

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