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Rooms Left Behind

Amy Sze & Anya Ostrovskaia

Two rooms, one from Hong Kong and one from Moscow,
left by their owners fleeing for freedom.
4400 miles apart, different languages, distant cultures,
except that the walls eternize tear gas and tears.

遺 комнаты (wai-komnaty, or ‘Rooms left behind’) brings you on an immersive journey into the intimate world of complex identities and a glimpse of political immigration. Working with a Ukrainian artist who has had to flee Russia, and Hong Kong artists who left their city, the theatrical installation explores the idea of what it means to be to leave your home and life behind.

Step into the abandoned room to see, touch and feel where someone lived, loved and grieved. Wonder around the tables and chairs to unveil one’s traces of existence. Let the bookshelves and beds whisper to you stories of the displaced shadows.

Presenting at


23-24 June 2023

@Bloc Projects Meanwhile Space

“Rooms Left Behind is a powerful, thoughtful and stirring piece. It draws together two of our world’s most significant struggles against oppression and brings us directly into the people and spaces most impacted by tyranny. We were very proud to have commissioned this work as part of UpLIFTed project featuring promising young curators and producers as part of LIFT 2022.”

Kris Nelson, Artistic Director/CEO, LIFT





Main image designer

Amy Sze

Anya Ostrovskaia, Amy Sze

Gun Suen, Tanya Kargaeva

Jacob Wu, Jeffrey Choy

Tatiana Knyazeva

Chuk Edwin Yin Man, Ekaterina Vorobei

Supported by LIFT, a LIFT 2022 Commission as part of UpLIFTed - LIFT's festival of work created by London's next gen creatives

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